Behncke Heat Exchangers Series QWT 100

The Behncke QWT 100 heat exchanger is a modern, sophisticated and incredibly energy-efficient heat exchanger, a fantastic way to heat your pool. A heat exchanger works, by water passing through pipes next to a source of heat, the water then carries the heat with it.

This heat exchanger can be attached to your central heating system so no need for a separate boiler or alternatively can be used with a boiler or heat pump. Its stainless steel construction ensures a long service life because it is immune to calcification.

Behnke has perfected its own counterflow principle which allows hot and cold water to move through bare tubes without touching one another which is one of the reasons why this heat exchanger is very efficient.


Features include:

  • stainless steel and varnished
  • efficient
  • small in size but powerful
  • working pressure primary 10 bar secondary 3 bar
  • two combination sockets 
  • stainless steel coiled pipes
  • comes with immersion sleeve to hold an electronic temperature sensor

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Behncke QWT 100 20kW
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Behncke QWT 100 209kW

Behncke Heat Exchangers Series QWT 100
Manufacturer Behncke
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