Best Heat Pump for Pools

Thursday, 04th Apr 2019 in News

Heat Pumps for pools have become increasingly popular over the past few years. We have found that customers prefer paying a little extra in order to save money on running costs. Heat pumps are deemed better for the environment than other heat sources because they offer a better ratio of heat per kW of energy used, this is referred to a C.O.P. Below we discuss our top 5 Pool Heat Pumps

Heatseeker Inverter Heat Pumps

The new Heatseekers have a C.O.P of 5 which means for every 1 kW of energy paid for you are in fact getting 5kw of energy. Whereas most electric or gas heaters produce less than 1kw for every 1 kW consumed. This new inverter technology means you no longer require a soft start. Heatseekers come with a 2-year warranty on all components. They are extremely reliable and are made by one of the world’s largest heat pump manufacturers who have been making and installing heat pumps all over the world for over 15 years.

Easy to use and control with programmable digital control and a Japanese engineered compressor to create ultra-quiet running noises.

Pros: Extremely quiet, easy to use, reliable, well priced

Cons: Relatively low c.o.p in comparison to other heat pumps, only suitable for April to October

Calorex Inverter Heat Pumps

The new Calorex Inverter heat pumps offer two different ones the X range and the Y range. The X is recommended for use in April to October as it can withstand ground frost and cold snaps. However, the Y range can be used all year round even during the harshest winter months. They can heat a pool up to 35oc. They also have a c.o.p of up to 7.5 but only when the air temperature is above 25oc. It can drop to around a c.o.p of 4 in colder conditions.

Pros: Quiet, durable, digital controls, fully automatic, titanium heat exchangers, environmentally friendly

Cons:  Quite expensive, there are higher c.o.p heat pumps on the market

Inverter+ by Pollet

C.O.P between 16.2 – 6.4 due to the inverter technology, this is one of the most popular heat pumps on the market for its long-term money-saving technology. The inverter technology adjusts the compressor speed and fan speed depending on the demand. 70% higher c.o.p than other heat pumps and 50% higher c.o.p than other inverter heat pumps.

Pros: Excellent c.o.p, sleek modern design, operates to below -7oc to maximise your pool season, Mitsubishi inverter compressor which is 10 times quieter.

Cons: Quite expensive but will save money over time.

Hydro Pro Inverter by Bosta

With a c.o.p of up to 13 and works to temperatures up to -5oc, this inverter heat pump offers great value for money. Perfect for April to October swimming season. As it in an inverter, it also controls the fan and compressor speed to maximise efficiency.  LCD display for easy use. Minimalist appearance, easy to install, the perfect upgrade. Mitsubishi compressor.

Pros: Good c.o.p, great value for money, durable

Cons: Only suitable for April to October

ComfortLine Inverter Heat Pump

With intelligent technology this Inverter heat pump will rarely work at full capacity, it is able to change the required output depending on what is required. With a c.o.p of 9.9 it is a mid-range inverter but at an exceptional price. The Spiral titanium heat exchanger provides an additional 30% of the surface on the heat exchanger and HP-BOOSTER technology enables the COP to be 20% higher than standard on/off heat pumps. 

Pros: Good value for money, great c.o.p, extended season use, three running modes.

Cons: Lower c.o.p than other inverters

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