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Find out about all the need-to-know aspects of being a swimming pool or hot tub owner with this curated advice. Blue Cube Direct have put together a variety of useful articles, buyer’s guides, and how-to content so that you can feel more confident about purchasing for, building from scratch, or maintaining your swimming pool or hot tub.

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What size pool filter do i need? | Blue Cube Direct

What size pool filter do i need?

What size pool filter do I need? Choosing the right pool filter for your pool can make a world of difference to the overall functionality of your pool and the costs

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Beginners Guide to Swimming Pools | Blue Cube Direct

The Complete Beginners Guide To Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are diverse and offer lots of fun for whoever uses them. As you can imagine, they’re also extremely complex. There’s a lot to understand about swimming pools, and this is the perfect guide […]

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The Swimming Pool Heating Guide

Regardless of where you live in the UK, a pool heater is an incredibly important component of any swimming pool. Without a swimming pool heater, you won’t be able to enjoy warmer water in the […]

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The Complete Swimming Pool Cover Guide

The Complete Swimming Pool Cover Guide Swimming pool covers come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials. Whilst the basic purpose of a pool cover is to protect your pool water from external […]

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