Blue Lagoon UV-C Ioniser Copper Electrolysis

Blue Lagoon UV-C Ioniser is an outstanding revolutionary sanitation system for your pool water. Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to beautiful safe water, perfect for those who hate chlorine and are looking for an alternative. This system uses copper electrolysis to kill pathogens in your pool water. Reduce the time you spend maintaining your pool and simply test your pool once every two weeks. The lamp and copper set will last for two pool seasons. Please note this can not be used with a saltwater system due to the chemical reaction between the salt and copper ionisation. It works by the charged particles being attracted to the negatively charged bacteria and other pathogens, they then attach themselves to these particles and destroy them. The UV-C is the superhero for your pool.


  • UV-C destroys bonded chlorine
  • No more chemicals
  • Safe disinfectant 
  • 100% effective and continuous action
  • No more algae or bacteria formation
  • No more chlorine 
  • Happy skin and eyes
  • 2-year warranty
  • It will tell you when the set needs replacing

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UV-C Ioniser 40 watt
UV-C Ioniser 75 watt
40 watt replacement set for UV-C Ioniser
75 watt replacement set for UV-C Ioniser

Blue Lagoon UV-C Ioniser Copper Electrolysis pool water sanitiser system.
Manufacturer Blue Lagoon
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