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Swim Spas are becoming increasingly popular as people discover the amazing features and benefits of these great alternatives to swimming pools and hot tubs. They combine the best of both worlds by allowing you the freedom to swim great distances and also enjoy the wonderful hydrotherapy jets, in essence they are spa pools. Catalina are the leaders of SwimSpas with over 40 years experience designing and manufacturing these amazing products. 

Blue Cube Direct truly believe these are outstanding products that will benefit you and your family. SwimSpas are used by competitive sports people to train in the comfort of their own homes, they offer adjustable settings so that the whole family can enjoy them.

They are hand built using the finest materials and tested for their endurance with elegant sleek designs they will create a beautiful feature in your garden.These are the perfect product for exercising, relaxing and socialising.

The highly tested River Jet System will allow you to swim without the need to turn and is an excellent way to exercise without straining your muscles or joints. The Catalina Swim Spas are the most advanced on the market with great features such as LED lighting, stand up massage stations and indulgent massage seating areas.