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Pool Heating and Ventilation 

Blue Cube Direct has a great range of swimming pool heaters for sale. We supply and install air source heat pumps, electric heaters, heat exchangers, solar pool heaters, and ventilation equipment. We also offer Service and Maintenance packages to ensure your equipment runs smoothly and minimises any downtime. If your equipment needs some TLC, please visit Blue Cube Pools.

  • A Pool Heat Pump offers extremely low running costs and we consider them to be very reliable and the most energy-efficient of all heaters.
  • Electric Heaters offer a great alternative, cheaper to buy but more expensive to run, they can be run at night on a lower tariff to save money.
  • Heat Exchangers must be connected to either a gas or oil boiler to work. 

Swimming Pool Heaters For Sale

At Blue Cube we have a vast range of Swimming Pool Heaters on offer. We provide excellent heaters for pools of all sizes. But, with so many different types of pool heater to choose from, you may find it hard to choose the best ones for you. There are various sizes, ranges, and energy types as well as running costs, to consider in your purchase. To help you we have;

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are extremely cost-effective and work exceptionally well. They are also very reliable machines. They are run on the same technology as your fridge and air conditioning unit. So, even with the larger models, there is no need to worry so much about the running costs, as they are negligible. Now for the science bit, they work sort of like a refrigerator but in reverse. They absorb heat from the surrounding air and then transfer the heat into the water of your pool. The initial outlay of the device may be more than the cost of an electric heater; however, in the end, they will pay you dividends. At Blue Cube Direct, we have many of these pumps for sale where the cheapest on offer is only around £623. However, if you are more interested in the top range models such as the Carolorex, these start from around £4160.

Electric Heating works as if the pool were a giant kettle. An element is used to heat the pool water, while the water is circulated by the water circulation system. These are more affordable options, with the lower range products being a mere £139.50. Top range models can go up to £1494. You can even use some of these models in ponds. If you run an electric heater at night, you can benefit from a lower unit rate on your electricity.

Gas Heaters are quite large units, much larger than the electric heater, but are a great way to heat your pool. You can keep this unit outside or inside, but inside you will need to connect a flue. The outlay is more than an electric heater, but you do not have electric costs associated with it. More inexpensive options cost around £2925, the top range ones can see you pay around £25,125. Gas heaters require heat exchangers to operate properly. 

Oil Heaters we only have one heating option available as oil is declining in use for heating swimming pools. At the moment we have the Certikin model for £3595. If you are in a rural area, then this option would suit you. If you do go for the oil or gas option, then you must purchase a heat exchanger with it. 

Pool Heaters From Blue Cube Direct

If you want to invest in an excellent Swimming Pool Heater from Blue Cube, then please call us on 0800 037 0803. Anything over £60 entitles you to free delivery. You won’t be disappointed. If you have a pool, you need a heater so you can enjoy it all year round, and you’ll have peace of mind purchasing a pool heater with Blue Cube Direct.