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Electric Pool Heating

The electric pool heaters shown here, all use a heating element to heat the water. The elements are quite similar to the elements used in a domestic kettle but you cannot put a heater directly in to the pool water, the water must flow over the elements propelled by the swimming pool’s circulation pump. So the heater is plumbed in to the the return flow pipe work of the swimming pool, electricity heats up the element, the water flows over the hot element and is heated a tiny amount. This process continues all the while the pump is running and little by little the temperature of the pool rises over the course of a day or two to the desired temperature.


Yes and no. The mains plug socket on your wall can take a 3kw heater so you can plug in the Elecro Nano or the Intex Heater. Any heater that has a capacity greater than 3kw cannot be plugged in and will need to be wired, by an electrician, to your mains circuit. 


When the capacity of an electric pool heater exceeds 12kw the heater must be 3 Phase. Single Phase is the typical type of electricity supply to a domestic property, 3 Phase is the kind of supply that factories or farm will have. A domestic property can request a 3 Phase supply. The Elecro Titan Optima is designed to go on to a 3 Phase supply.

The Electric  Pool Heater can be run on an OFF PEAK TARIFF (over night) for cost effective heating. This will reduce the running costs by up to 2/3rds.

The electric pool heater is flow activated and it will only come on when the pump is running and water is flowing through the system. It has a built in thermostat so when the pool is up to the temperature you require, it will automatically switch to stand by.

Blue Cube Pools can also offer a supply and installation service, supply all parts, recondition heaters and test to check for faults.