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Outdoor Safety Covers

Outdoor safety covers are a great addition to any pool, offering you safety with a style that will keep your pool looking great even when it is not in use. Aquaguard is our most popular safety cover due to its amazing strength, durability, and incredible security. Safety covers can either be placed in a pit or in a bench and mounted under the coping stones as seen above, flush-mounted which uses a channel to hold the track, or top track mounted. Flush and top are perfectly designed for roman end pools and offer exceptional safety and protection.

  Aquaguard Safety Cover-0

The image above is of a grey Aquaguard safety cover which has been pit mounted with a hardwood cover and under coping track, it creates a seamless finish to the pool and the amazing disappeaing leading edge means that the pool cover completely disappears when it is not in use. From the image above you can see a top track mounted cover with wooden bench cover housing. The cover simply disappears inside the bench when the pool is in use.