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Pool Pumps and Filters

A pool pump is essential for your pool to work correctly and efficiently. The pool or hot tub pump you require is dependent on numerous factors such as the size of your pool, filtration system and where it is being fitted. We have a wide selection of pool pumps for sale including variable speed pool pumps.

A good pool filter can mean the difference between clear water and crystal clear water, not only does it help keep the water clear but it also protects other parts of your pool.

Our advisers are here to help you choose the best pump or filter for your pool or hot tub.


How it works: The pump draws water from the swimming pool and passes it via a special multiport valve, into the top of the filter tank, from where it passes downwards through a bed of special media, which traps the dirt and solids. The filtered water is then returned to the pool via the multiport valve. It is after this point that if a heating system is incorporated it will be connected into the return pipeline to the pool. 

Blue Cube Direct can also offer an installation service, supply all pump parts, recondition pumps and bench test to check for faults. Contact us to discuss your swimming pool pump requirements in more detail.