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Pool Filters

Your choice of swimming pool filter plays an extremely important part in the overall health of your pool water and your pool system. The filter works by trapping small, particles, dirt, and debris (which have not been stopped by the skimmer) within the sand or glass located inside the filter. The clean water then returns to the pool via the pump, in some cases people choose to add additional cleaning methods such as UV sterilisers which can help to reduce the level of chemicals needed.

The sand or glass is usually referred to as filter media. As the media collects the debris, the water struggle to pass through it causing a build-up in pressure which can be seen on the pressure gauge when the indicator reaches the red. When this happens, the filter must be backwashed, this is when the flow of the water is reversed using a multiport valve so that the water is taken from the pool, through the filter, where it can remove the particle build-up and out into a drain.

Filter media will usually last between 5 to 7 years, after this, it is advisable to change the media to keep your system working well.

Blue Cube Direct stock a wide range of swimming pool filters and pool filter pumps. Supplying top brands including Lacron and Triton.

We can help you select the best filtration system for your pool.


There are different types of pool filters: 

  • Sand filters (the most popular as they require little maintenance),
  • Cartridge filters (the cartridges have to be replaced once a year) 
  • Diatomaceous filters (the most expensive, as their high-performance filtration system removes dirt that is not visible to the naked eye).