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One Piece Pools

One-piece pools are a great way to install a pool on your property. They offer unsurpassed quality and quick installation with a great range of bespoke features to create a luxurious and elegant pool, often with exciting features such as swim jets and massage stations.

Blue Cube Pools supply a varied range of one-piece pools, ones to suit all styles and budgets. Prices vary considerably depending on the finish such as liner or tiled, size, and features required. For a detailed quote contact us today to discuss your plans and let us design and build your perfect pool. 

These pools are often wonderfully insulated due to the manufacturing process and are therefore more economical and environmentally friendly, helping you save money on heating. They offer high-quality finishes with beautifully sleek lines and are reasonably quick to install meaning you could be enjoying your beautiful pool sooner than expected.

Prefabricated pools are made under strict factory conditions which ensures a quality build from start to finish, fully part L compliant before arriving on site. The fittings are easily accessible after installation removing any potential ground movement issues. Air and water tested in the factory for unquestionable watertight construction.

Our one piece tiled pools are so quick to install you will have a luxury tiled to enjoy in a very short space of time.

How does it work:

Firstly we talk abbout the typeof pool you would like and what features you require. We then place the order for your pool. Whilst we are waiting we excavate and prepare the hole with a 100mm concrete sub-base with drainage (this is very important) We then lower the pool in by crane, level and back-fill, connect the pipes, fill, and heat.

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