Hot Tub FAQs

Can you put a hot tub on the grass?

 It is not advisable to place a hot tub on grass due to the weight and need for stability. A hot tub, once full is extremely heavy and placing it on grass, will eventually lead to it sinking into the soil. This will mean the structure of the hot tub will not be supported effectively and may cause the panels to be placed under uneven force. Your warranty will not cover the structural damage caused by incorrect positioning. It may also make accessing the panels difficult if it is semi-submerged.

My hot tub water is cloudy

This problem plagues hot tub owners and it won’t be the last time it happens to you. You may find that every 3 months or so when your water is almost due for a change this will be one of your biggest indicators, you will struggle to keep your water from going cloudy.

There are other factors that can cause cloudy water, below we will discuss these reasons.

Firstly how high is your calcium level, total alkalinity or pH. Excessive levels of calcium can cause your water to cloudy. Your calcium level should be no more than around 200 ppm (however each hot tub manufacturer has their own recommended level. If the calcium level is higher than the recommended level then you can expect to start seeing some effects such as scaling, cloudy water and you may notice other chemicals may not work as efficiently.  To reduce the level of calcium in your hot tub and hopefully prevent your water from becoming cloudy remove some water from your hot tub, refill with fresh water and add a product such as scale away to keep calcium levels under control. A weekly dose of this product if you live in a hard water area will help prevent scale build-up and cloudy water

My hot tub water is green

A green hot tub may not be worth recovering, it depends on the level of algae. You may have noticed slightly cloudy water with a tinge of green, in this situation you should be able to recover the water with a good clean, shock, balance pH and alkalinity.

Hot tubs often go green when they are used more but the sanitiser has not been increased accordingly. We would advise you to replenish your santitser after each use. Another cause of green hot tub water is a dirty filter, if your filter is blocked or full of grime then it can not do its job properly and will result in dirty water which is the perfect breeding ground for algae.

If a good shock etc does not solve it then it might be worth emptying and starting again.

My hot tub is cold

Most people will automatically assume that your heater is no longer working, however, your heater will stop heating if it does not have sufficient circulation so the first place to check is your filter. Remove your filter and give it a good clean, it may also be worth doing a hot tub flush at this point to remove any scale or biofilm build-up which may also be affecting the flow. Look at all potential flow issues, including low water levels. If you have resolved all flow issues and your heater is still not working then it is time to look at other options.

Is the thermostat or temperature sensor broken? If your control panel is displaying an incorrect temperature then it is more than likely due to a broken sensor. It is possible to visually inspect the sensor and look for broken or disconnected wires going into the control panel.

Finally, it could be your hot tub heater, you can use an electrical test meter to see the ohms, a good heating element should display between 9-12 ohms, if it keeps rising slowly then it is likely that the heating element has a short and will require replacing. But as always, if you are in any doubt call your local hot tub company and get the experts in.

My hot tub smells

If your hot tub water smells then you have an issue. There are several reasons why your water will smell but generally, it is down to low levels of santiser, your pH is off-balance and you have a build-up of unpleasant bacteria. 

Firstly let’s look at your pH levels are they where they need to be, if not adjust accordingly and the address your chlorine levels. If the odour continues after your chemicals are balanced then we would suggest emptying and start again.

My hot tub keeps tripping the breaker

A hot tub breaker tripping is not uncommon and the potential issue is usually quite easy to track down.

Step one: Turn off the hot tub

Step two: Check your heater element, how does it look? Is it corroded or pitted? If it looks ok, turn spa back on.

Step three: Turn the temperature down

Step four: Restart pump, does it run without tripping the RCD?

Step five: Start to turn the temperature up, does it trip? 

Other parts that may cause your RCD to trip can include your blower or ozone or water in your lights. In the event that you can not find an obvious culprit, we would recommend calling an electrician or your hot tub company. Water and electricity do not mix well so if you are in any doubt, simply turn off your hot tub and call an expert.

My hot tub is foaming

Hot tubs usually foam due to bad water chemistry and excessive detergents or foaming agents that are being brought in to the water by bathers. To reduce the amount of foam in your tub we recommend showering beforehand (don’t use soap) and simply wash your swimwear in water without detergents. If you have noticed a significant amount of foam then it would be wise to test your water and make sure your chemical levels are good.

Low calcium levels can also contribute to foam. Depending on the level of foam in your tub you may be able to save the water but emptying it a little, adding freshwater, balancing chemicals and adding a product such as foam away. However, in some circumstances, the foam levels may be high and you may notice that your TDS levels are creeping up in which case it is not worth the battle and a simple empty, clean and refill is what you need.

My hot tub jets are surging

The first step, check your filter, make sure it isn’t clogged and isn’t impacting the pressure. What is your water level like, if your water level is a little low you may have an airlock. Airlocks can occur after a water change when air gets trapped in a line. There are various ways to remove these, according to swim university you could first try priming your pump a few times, it is important not to continually run your pump dry so as not to damage it, simply turn the pump on and off quickly a few times to try and force the air out. If this doesn’t work you can attempt to release the air physically via the pipework. One way to remove an airlock and also prevent them from occurring during filling is to add water to the hot tub via the filtration cartridge port and the main hot tub body, this will help push any air out during the filling process.

My hot tub is leaking

It is often easier to spot a leaking hot tub when it is turned on the pipes are pressurised, in most cases, you will be able to visibly trace where the leak is from. Whilst the hot tub is running inspect behind all your panels. Although irritating a small leak is often nothing to worry about and 99% of the time it is easy to fix.

 The usual culprits tend to be pipework, pump, light or filter. I know this sounds like anyway but as we have previously said it is usually easy to spot. If your pump is leaking it is probably due to a broken mechanical seal.

Many leaks will be quite easy to fix with replacement pipework, sealant or seal. If you are struggling to find your leak or your hot tub is losing a significant amount of water then please contact your local hot tub engineer.

My hot tub is losing water

Please see above. However, one thing to consider is all hot tubs will lose water during each use, from evaporation, splashing and general use. However, if you notice water loss between uses then it is possible you have a leak.

My hot tub is overheating

The usual cause of your hot tub overheating is low water flow. This can be due to physical low levels or blockages in your filter. It is amazing how many hot tub issues are caused due to a dirty filter and poor flow. Firstly, you need to let the water cool down, remove your hot tub cover and turn off your hot tub, do not attempt to use your hot tub when it is overheating. 

Overheating often occurs when not enough water is passing through the heater so the heater starts to overheat and triggers the sensor. 

Check the following:

Filter (is it clean, in good condition)

Valves (are any closed or partially closed)

Pump (Is there an airlock, see above)

Water level

Blocked pipe or drain cover

If you have checked all of these and there doesn’t appear to be any issues then it could be your sensor that is failing to register the temperature. In which case it will need to be changed.

My hot tub won’t shut off

If you are struggling to turn your hot tub off then your master board, PCB or circuit board has failed. In these cases, it is best to turn off your hot tub by the mains and seek advice from a professional.

My hot tub won’t drain

Hot Tubs should be drained and refilled roughly every 4 months in order to keep your hot tub in the best condition and prevent dangerous hot tub water. Most hot tubs have a drain valve or plug which is simple to use and will allow the water from your hot tub to empty. However, sometimes these may become blocked. If you believe the drain valve is blocked, apply some pipe cleaner, remove any obvious obstructions and then attempt to flush it through.

My hot tub just stopped working

Did your hot tub turn off mid-session, if so it is likely to be something to do with your electrics. First of all check your breaker to see if the switch has tripped, if so this is a sign that there is an issue with your hot tub. We would advise seeking professional help when it comes to hot tub electrics unless you are extremely confident. If the electrics appear to be fine then it could be a variety of things, your PCB is not working, the filter is blocked, your pump has failed. Check each element and if needs be a source a replacement.

My hot tub cover is waterlogged and full of water

Your cover is an essential part of your hot tub, especially for energy and heat management. A good insulated prevents evaporation and heat loss. However, over time the vinyl breaks down due to heat and chemicals, which leads to your cover absorbing the evaporated water, over time your hot tub cover will become extremely heavy and water clogged. Not only will it stop working properly but it will also become extremely heavy and difficult to move. Although this will happen naturally over time,  unbalanced water can quicken the process, low pH or high sanitizer levels will gradually breakdown the cover and allow it to absorb water.

Water clogged and heavy hot tub will not insulate your hot tub as well and you mind find yourself using your hot tub less because the cover is so heavy.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent your cover from deteriorating, however, you can slow down the inevitable by following a few tips. Firstly, keep your water balanced, if you regularly shock your hot tub then make sure you leave the cover off for at least 20 minutes after shocking to allow the chemicals to evaporate. Lastly, invest in a cover lifter which will prevent unnecessary strain being placed on certain parts of the cover and will help to prevent tears

My hot tub cover is heavy

Please see above

How do you clean a hot tub

It is advisable to thoroughly clean and changes your hot tub water every 2-3 months depending on your usage. 

First of all, we would advise adding a biofilm remover to your water and let that flush through your pipes. We use Aquasparkles Hot Tub Flush. You simply add the required amount to your water and then turn on your hot tub, the mix goes through the pipes and starts to break down the biofilm and slowly removes it. You then allow that to sit for some time and eat away at the nasty build up in your pipes. 

Then empty your hot tub, once empty use a hose to flush through the pipes to remove any flush and clean out the remainder of your pipes.

Whilst you are emptying the hot tub, remove the filter and place it in a bucket of filter cleaner or use an instant filter cleaner to remove the build-up of oils and debris. Your filter should be cleaned at least every 2 weeks. Keeping your filters in tip-top condition will not only ensure the smooth running of your hot tub but it will also keep you and your loved ones safe.

Once empty use a spa surface cleaner to remove any stains, build-up or scale. 

Once this is done it’s time to refill your hot tub, shock dose it and balance the water.

Should I leave my hot tub on all the time

Simply yes, if you are planning on using it at least once a week then we would suggest leaving it on. Maintaining temperature costs far less than heating when you need it. It also prevents your water going green or your hot tub accidentally freezing. A well-insulated hot tub on an economical mode should only cost between £1-2 a day.