Hydrostar Counter Current System

Hydrostar Turbine Counter Current by Binder - Double Turbine System - 100 - 320m3/hr flow. 

The ultimate Counter Current system specifically designed to give the best swimming experience whether you are a competitive swimmer, wellness fan or just enjoy long swims. A counter current system can create the perfect swimming environment, it will allow you to swim interrupted in a small pool without needing to do laps.

What makes the Hydrostar Turbine different from other systems?

Unlike other systems the Hydrostar creates a current which mimics a wide river which creates a full body resistant swimming stream. Unlike pump-operated swim systems there is no concentrated jet that causes unpleasant concentrated strain on the head or shoulders.

Hydrostar swimming current diagram

This is made possible by the patented technology. The Turbines generate a wide, regular powerful current which directs the water evenly. With variable settings you can decide how strong it should be. With continuously variable adjustment via a remote control or piezo button, even by the swimmer. This allows exact regulation of the turbine power to the individual user. This means it is perfect for all the family from beginners to professionals it has a setting for everyone.

The Hydrostar Counter Current unit can be retro fitted or built in, it can be used in both liner and tiled pools and it perfect for renovation projects to upgrade your swimming experience without increasing the size of your pools. Due to be completely submersed it is exceptionally quiet, so no need to worry if you enjoy later night swims, vibration-free and long-term trouble-free operation.


  • Flow rates available: 50-160m3/h (single) 100-320m3/h (double) 
  • No Noise or vibrations
  • Natural Counter Current Flow
  • Easy to Retrofit
  • No Splashing Water
  • Energy Efficient operation
  • Maintenance free brush-less DC motor
  • Motor controller with current and temperature monitor
  • No manhole or pipe work required
  • Operation via remote control or piezo switch (pool side)
  • Two Year Warranty

Fast and easy INSTALLATION:

The time required for installation of a HydroStar counter flow system is significantly lower than that of other products. The system is easy to install and needs very little space. Since HydroStar is designed for underwater operation, no dry space or seals are needed, as is the case with pump systems. For the power supply, all you need is a normal 230 V outlet. The motor itself is operated by the controller with 24 V DC.

Binder Hydrostar Turbine Counter Current Double Turbine System:

  • Hydrostar BGA160 - Flow Rate 50m3/hr to 160m3/hr - Single Turbine
  • Hydrostar BGA275 - Flow Rate 80m3/hr to 275m3/hr - Single Turbine
  • Hydrostar BGA320 - Flow Rate 100m3/hr to 320m3/hr - Double Turbine
Manufacturer Hydrostar
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