ICO Automatic Pool Chemical Tester

The ICO Automatic Pool Chemical Tester is a revolutionary way to keep on top of your water chemistry and chemical levels. With interchangeable plug-in test probes, it is easy to use and takes the hassle out of testing. It connects to your phone via wifi, keeping you up to date with any changes and anticipates changes to prevent damage to systems parts.

Probes available:

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Redox / ORP (disinfectant rate, chlorine estimation)
  • Conductivity (estimation of salt and minerals)

With an anti UV casing, sleek and modern design this outstanding tester is able to go under most covers or sits neatly inside a skimmer. Rechargeable with a battery life to last a season. The app is easy to navigate and provides up to date, simple information. Let the ICO do the analysing whilst you enjoy your pool

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ICO Wifi Extender

ICO Automatic Pool Chemical Tester
Manufacturer ICO
Use Pool, Hot Tub, Spa

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