JellyCLEAR Cubes 2 x 70g

JellyCLEAR is a clarification gel block offered in a twin presentation pack. It will improve filtration efficiency by coagulating debris and tightening the filter bed. Easy and safe to use in skimmers or weirs. Suitable for sand and cartridge filters. Each 70g cube treats up to 11,000 gallons.


  • Removes the small particles from pool water.
  • Removes algae spores.
  • Reduces chlorine costs.
  • No clouding or residual dust is created, so no after floc vacuuming needed which a big plus point.
  • Places a clear membrane screen across the media to a depth of some 15cm (6").
  • Surrounds fine particles with a glutinous formula, sending them to the bed and flushing them away during the backwash cycle.

Quick, simple and an easy solution that should be used every season to ensure safe pool water.

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JellyCLEAR Cubes 2 x 70g

Jelly Clear Cubes for clear water

Manufacturer Blue Horizons
Size 2 x 70g
Use Pool

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