Hayward Aquarite Pro Chlorine and pH dispenser

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The Aquarite Pro Chlorine and pH Dispenser chemical dispenser offers complete pool water sanitation by using salt and electrolytic technology to convert salt into pure chlorine for a constant supply of chlorine for your pool. This pool salt chlorinator is perfect for those who wish to reduce their chemical costs. by using low levels of salt the Aquarite Pro converts this salt into chlorine which is dispensed to your pool as and when it is needed. With regular testing, the Aqua Rite will keep your chlorine and pH.

Perfect for new and existing swimming pools this salt chlorine generator will create soft, silky water that will reduce red-eye irritation and dry skin. With the Aqua Rite Pro, you’ll get more use out of your pool without the worry of unwanted bleaching and heavy chemical odors

It comes with the Self-cleaning turbo-cell uses reverse polarity electrodes to limit calcium build-up and minimise maintenance and Sense and Dispense which uses a proportional feed algorithm to continuously test the water, sample PH, sanitiser balance. It measures the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in the water, to bring the high-quality standards of commercial pools to domestic pools with automatic control and cost-effectiveness.

Aquarite Pro features:

  • Salt chlorination system using ordinary salt
  • Easy to install and use
  • Self-cleaning turbo-cell
  • Sense and dispense option
  • Peristaltic Pump
  • GLX-cellstand



Aquarite Pro. Total pool chemistry sense and dispense orp (chlorine) and PH dispenses chlorine only when necessary.

Haywood Aquarite Pro Chlorine and pH dispenser:

  • Aqua Rite Pro 60 + Sense and dispense up 60m1″ 1/2 connectors
  • Aqua Rite Pro 95 + Sense and Dispense up to 95m1″ 1/2 connectors
  • Aqua Rite Pro 150 + Sense and Dispense up to 150m2″ connectors
  • Sense and Dispense D50 for pool 60/95m3 1″ 1/2 connectors
  • Sense and Dispense D63 for pool 150m3  2″ connectors

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