Bayrol Pool Relax


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The Pool Relax dosing system by Bayrol is an automatic dosing system designed for both pools and spas. Using the latest high tech testing technology the pool relax monitors and controls the automatic dosing of pH and your disinfectant. Automatic testing and dosing removes the unwanted chemical spikes and keeps your chemical levels at an optimum. Although all integral components are surrounded by a protective cover they are easily accessible for maintenance.

Achieve perfect water quality easily and conveniently with the Pool relax system, spend more time enjoying your pool or spa and less time worrying about correct dosing levels. Let the Pool relax do the hard work so you can relax.

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We can help with the installation and provide continuous aftercare.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe water treatment
  • Suitable for chlorine, bromine, and chlorine-free sanitisers
  • Sophisticated technology for reliable dosing



Bayrol Pool Relax, Automatic Pool Dosing System

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