Bayrol PoolManger® Bromine

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Professional Installation is required for this BAYROL dosing system. Please call for a quote including installation from our trained professional. We also provide continuous aftercare.


The PoolManger® Bromine by Bayrol will transform the way your pool is taken care of. Your water will be beautifully clear without you having to test, check and correct your pH levels, Chlorine, Bromine or Active Oxygen levels. It is very easy to use with test help buttons so that you do not need to hunt down a manual every time you want to alter something.

It is environmentally friendly and economical, as it uses its power-down function to ensure that it uses as little energy as possible at night by reducing the circulation pump.

The Bayrol PoolManger® Bromine does not simply take care of your chemical dosing, it also regulates your heating, circulation pump and any water features, because it can manage multiple features you can add to your pool at any time.

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You will be able to use a smartphone or a tablet to monitor the system from wherever you are and the PoolManger® will send you an email and let off a small alarm if at any stage there is an issue with your pool.

The Bayrol PoolManger® Bromine will have additional charges for the sanitiser configuration swap. Please contact us before ordering. Please see all configuration options here.


Complete Pool Automation
With the PoolManager® you can automate both the water treatment and the control of the pool s fixtures: Filtration, lighting, heating, counter-current, etc.
Optimal Water Quality Under Any Conditions
The quality of the components and the continuous adaptation and updating of the built-in algorithm guarantee a very high accuracy in the analysis of water parameters, and the resulting dosage of care products. In addition, alarms are indicated on the display and by an acoustic signal. If you are not on-site, these alarms can also be sent to you automatically by e-mail so that you can react to them quickly.
Networked Pool
The PoolManager® networks your pool. You can control the water quality and the complete operation of your pool from the comfort of your home, or remotely using your smartphone, tablet or PC.
The Green PoolManager
The PoolManager® offers different possibilities to actively contribute to environmental protection. For example, saving energy by reducing the output of filter pumps at night, controlling solar heating according to demand, etc. Most of the components as well as the packaging are made of recycled and recyclable materials. 


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Please see all configuration options here.

How It Works:

Technical Data:

  • pH, ORP, Temperature
Control unit
  • 7″ (17.8 cm) VGA TFT touch screen with LED backlight
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • 5 shortcut keys
  • Context sensitive help functions
  • Integrated web server and web graphical user interface, with remote access
  • Six switching outputs for controlling pool equipment (heating, lighting, filter pump, shutter cover, etc.)
  • Four universal switching inputs potential free
  • 3 slots for 4 optional switching outputs each
  • Flow meter in the analysis chamber
  • Level measurement container liquid products pH and chlorine
  • Alarm in case of set point overflow or underflow
  • Dosing time alarm
Monitoring of water parameters and device settings
  • Storage of the measured value graph for one year
  • Storage logbook to record changes in device setting up to 500 entries
  • 715 x 495 x 125 mm


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