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The Blue Lagoon series of UV systems are perfectly designed to disinfect pool water safely and efficiently. Keeping bacteria, mould, and algae at bay, your pool water will look crystal clear and inviting. Reduce your chlorine and chemical requirements by 80% which is better for those with sensitive skin, removes strong odours and saves money. UV systems are better for the environment and are becoming increasingly popular. UV-C demolished boned chlorine. UV systems have been popular due to the health benefits associated with fewer chemicals in the water and providing a better swimming and bathing experience. Although chlorine is exceptional at destroying bacteria it can damage pools, clothing and irritate the skin and eyes, UV sterilisation offers amazing disinfecting and battles bacteria without damaging your pool. Built-in high-frequency electronic ballast, which absorbs current fluctuations. Contains an integrated hour counter that accurately monitors the number of burning hours. Increased efficiency due to the reflective stainless steel interior.


Lagoon Series Options:

  • The Blue Lagoon UV-C Tech system for pools.
  • The Blue Lagoon UV-C Timer, Integrated adjustable time meter for the UV-C lamp for greater control.
  • The Blue Lagoon UV-C combined with ozone, Ozone kills and oxidizes all pathogens, breaks down cosmetic particles, removes by-products from the water. 
  • The Blue Lagoon Saltwater UV system, corrosive resistant housing, a straight outlet for easy installation, reduce levels of salt needed.
  • The Blue Lagoon Spa UV-C is ideal for spas, above ground pools and paddling pools up to 10,000l. 


  • Philips UV-C lamp, 9000 operating hours (130watt system has an amalgam lamp and flow sensor)
  • Digital indicator when lamp needs replacing
  • 316l stainless steel housing
  • Easy to install and maintain


Blue Lagoon UV Systems for beautiful clean pool water

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