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Salt chlorinators are an automatic and efficient disinfection solution. They are easy to use, offer complete water treatment and reduce maintenance.


The Zodiac Ei2 salt chlorinator is an easy no plumbing salt chlorine generator perfect for those looking to switch to a salt system. With a self-cleaning cell, titanium electrode with long-lasting surface treatment. Easy to install with 3 models available covering nearly all pool sizes. Zodiac developed this salt system to reduce your pool maintenance and increase your pool enjoyment.

Long Lasting
The Zodiac Ei2 is one of the longest-lasting chlorinators in its category (up to 7,500 hours) thanks to its high-quality titanium electrode.

Quick & Easy Install
The compact cell and watertight IPX5 casing allow the Ei2 to be installed anywhere, in confined spaces and humid environments. Ei2 can be installed in just 10 minutes in any environment, thanks to its patented Quick Fix system.

No Maintenance
The Ei2 features self-cleaning electrodes via reverse polarity. Saving you time and effort. 


  • Simple, easy “no plumbing” installation using a unique “Quick Fix” cell
  • Self-cleaning cell
  • No flow detector
  • Programmable timer
  • User-friendly analogue buttons
  • Titanium electrode with long-lasting surface treatment
  • Minimum salt level 4,000ppm (4kg salt/1m3)

Technical Information:

MODELS Ei2 12 Ei2 20 Ei2 25
Volume of water treated
(temperarte climate, filtration 8hr/day)
50 m³ 90 m³ 110 m³
Nominal chlorine production 12 g/h 20 g/h 25 g/h
Power rating 70 W 110 W 140 W
User interface Buttons & LEDs
Operating mode Normal, Shutter mode (0-20%)
Clock/Timer Linked to the filtration
Reverse polarity Yes: 5 hr
Recommended salt level – minimum 4 g/L – 3.0 g/L minimum (*)
Safety ‘Low salt’ indicator light: reduced production
to protect the electrode
‘No flow’ indicator light: Production is interrupted
until optimal conditions return
Cell position Horizontal
Compatible pipework DN50, DN63, 1½’’ (48 mm)
Protection rating IPX5
50 Hz power supply 220-240 VAC (mains power cable with moulded plug)



2 years warranty. Please see the full Zodiac product warranty information for terms and conditions.
View Full Zodiac Warranty Here

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