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This Ultimate Water Clarifier Concentrate is a concentrated fast-acting dual-action liquid clarifier used for removing fine particles from pool water, creating clear sparkling water. The wide compatibility of this product means it can be used with all types of filters.



1. Prior to application of this product, ensure the filter is operating efficiently (i.e. is not the reason for cloudiness), backwash the filter if necessary.

2. Maintain pH level within the ideal range of 7.2 – 7.6. If the not in this range, adjust.

3. Using the prescribed dose rates in the table below, add Ultimate Water Clarifier directly to your pool whilst the pump(s) are turned ‘on’ preferably near the water inlets to aid distribution.

4. Keep your filtration system turned ’on’ until clarity is restored.

5. It may be necessary to backwash the filter again after this procedure to remove all collected debris, prior to the resumption of normal filtration cycles.

Dose Rates

Water Volumes Condition of water
Litres Gallons Hazy Murky
4,545 1,000 9ml 18ml
11,360 2,500 23ml 45ml
22,725 5,000 45ml 90ml
45,450 10,000 90ml 180ml
68,175 15,000 135ml 270ml

Note: Do not use more than the recommended dose rate. Overdosing may reduce product efficiency. Always allow 24 hours for treatment to work, then if necessary repeat dose.


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