Balboa electronic control pack GS100 2.0kW with VL401 touch pad

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Balboa electronic control pack with paired topside control. Complete spa pack Balboa GS100 2.0kW with VL401 touch pad – 1 pump no air


  • Pump 1: Dual speed pump 1
  • Air Blower: N/A
  • Heater: x 1 2kW, Heater is a separate unit which plugs into the board.
  • Ozone: x 1 (230vac)
  • Light: x1 12 volt
  • Radio, TV/AV: Point available


Manufacturer: Balboa GS100 control box and Balboa VL401 topside control
Power: Volts: 230vac
Hz: 50
Compatible With: Any retrofit system, suitable for upgrades
Connections: 1.5-inch socket heater union sleeves. Amp cables plug onto the PCB to operate the components.
Dimensions: Length: 215 mm
Width: 73 mm
Height: 133 mm
Topside: 160 mm x 57 mm
Length of heater with unions: 375 mm
Topside Buttons: JETS, LIGHT, COOL and WARM
Items Included: 1 x Balboa VL401 Touch Panel, 1 x (Box 1.1) Balboa GS100 Control System Complete (new style), 1 x 2 pin Amp cord (light), 1 x 3 pin Amp cord, 1 x 4 pin Amp cord and Wire Grommit
Additional Notes: The M7 technology means you do not need to have sensors and flow switches going back into the tub as everything is done inside the control box by 2 sensors.

  • *FREE CABLE PACK* this includes…
  • 1 x 4 pin cable (2-speed pump)
  • 1 x 3 pin cable (1-speed pump, blower or ozone)
  • 1 x 2 pin cable (Spa light)

*if you want to the topside with three buttons (Jets, Temp & Light you will need to order this separately) you will need to order separately.

As this is only a 2.0kW system this makes it a useful entry-level system. The heater only draws around 8.5amps so if the system is designed to do so, you could have a small combined system running from a domestic 13amp supply. You must always consult a qualified electrician for accurate information prior to installation.

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