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The Orlando Enclosure is built bespoke to your needs and specifications. Please contact us for a quoted price.


The Garden Pod Orlando hot tub enclosure by Alukov is an elegant and durable hot tub & spa enclosure. Enclosures are a fantastic way to enjoy your hot tub all year round, providing shelter, warmth and therefore savings on electricity and water due to reduced necessity for heating and also reducing evaporation.

Imagine sitting in your beautifully warm hot tub after a long day, it’s raining outside but you’re protected by you’re amazing enclosure. You no longer have to miss out on your daily dose of relaxing just because the weather has decided to turn.

The structure requires a level, solid base (concrete, slabs, decking, etc). How will you use your Orlando Pod?

The Orlando comes in two sizes and has a variety of colours and poly-carbonate options to suit all tastes and styles.

Poly-carbonate Options:

  • Transparent with UV protection, 3mm
  • Smoked with UV protection, 3mm
  • Embosses with UV protection, 3mm

Premium features:

  • Wood imitation of aluminium profiles
  • Roof ventilation turning (spherical cap)

Orlando Hot Tub Enclosure sizes:

Small: 4.00m x 4.11m x 2.30 m
Large: 4.890 x 5.00m x 2.70 m

Large enclosure includes:

  • 2x Double-wing door OR 1 x Single-wing door and 1x Double-wing door
  • Outside door locking system

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Weight 230 kg



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