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The Sunhouse Enclosure is built bespoke to your needs and specifications. Please contact us for a quoted price.


The Sunhouse hot tub & spa enclosure is a thermally efficient poly-carbonate enclosure perfect for those colder days but also great for UV protection. Why miss out on enjoying your hot tub when you can use it all year round with these amazing poly-carbonate enclosures? Alukov and leaders in the field of enclosures are perfect for our great British weather. The Sunhouse comes in a variety of colours with three poly-carbonate options and in two sizes.

This enclosure is one of the larger models which has space for a hot tub/spa plus loungers, plants, and a table so you can create your very own oasis, a place to relax and unwind with family, friends or on your own. Everyone deserves a space to relax and what better way to do it than with a luxury hot tub enclosure on your doorstep. With a locking door, you can protect your loved ones from any accidents.

The structure requires level, solid base (concrete, slabs, decking, etc). How will you use your Sunhouse Pod?

Sunhouse Hot Tub Enclosure Sizes:

Small Sunhouse: 4.00m x 6.00m x 2.31 m


  • 2 x Single-wing door
  • 1 x Double-wing door
  • 1 x Roof Window
  • Outside door locking system

Premium Features:

  • Wood imitation of aluminium profiles
  • Extra double-wing door

Grand Sunhouse: 4.89m x 7.79m x 2.70 m


  • 2 x Single-wing door
  • 2 x Double-wing door
  • Outside locking system

Premium Features:

  • Wood imitation aluminium profiles

Poly-carbonate Options:

  • Transparent with UV protection, 3mm
  • Smoked with UV protection, 3mm
  • Embossed with UV protection, 3mm

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Weight 380 kg



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