The Galaxy Pool Enclosure

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The Galaxy Pool Enclosure is a beautiful and unique structure that does not require railings. Its bespoke design means that you do not need to move the enclosure when the weather is good and it is not needed. The enclosure has multiple side doors which can be moved upwards to allow free access in and out of the enclosure without any obstructions, all that is left are the support structures which are places at every 2.1m.

The Galaxy can be all one height or have varying levels depending on what you want.

The doors are very easy to move and glide elegantly. You can choose which doors to open and this can be great for creating a flow of air and creating a beautiful breeze. There are options available that will allow you to open upper parts of the structure whilst still keeping the lower part enclosed, therefore, offering extra safety measures with children.

If you think a Galaxy Enclosure would be perfect for you and you would like to know more about options, prices how it is built contact us and one of our advisers will be happy to help.


Galaxy Pool Enclosure
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