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The Elecro Optima Compact range is BMS integration ready and comes with corrosion-resistant titanium heating elements, making it highly robust and durable. Manufactured to the highest specifications at the Elecro works in England. Compact in design, robust and ultra-reliable, this heater is made to last, providing you the perfect pool temperature with easy-to-use controls.

The Elecro Optima Compact is easy to install and an easy-to-use electric heater. With built-in soft start, it will stop unwanted electrical surges whilst keeping your pool at your optimum temperature. Made using corrosion-resistant titanium heating elements, the Optima is highly efficient due to the unique coiled heating technology which also helps prevent mineral deposits from building upon the elements.

All Elecro electric heaters feature our unique and proven coiled heating element technology, whereby a turbulent vortex is created in the water flow. This delivers outstanding efficiency and extended life expectancy by preventing the build up of mineral deposits on the heating elements.

The Optima Compact range can be easily operated using the digital thermostat, accurate to 0.5°C and is ready for integration to your Building Management System. The heater’s outlet manifold accommodates a flow switch, with gold tipped reed, that provides a signal to the control board for ultimate reliability and safety; whilst the inlet manifold has been designed to eliminate the risk of air locking. Over-heating is prevented by a manual-reset thermal safety cut-out.

The heater can be vertically wall-mounted using the supplied bracket, or free-standing on the floor using the footed base.


  • Power options ranging from 3-kW to 24-kW
  • Easy installation, fully equipped and pre-wired
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Ultra-reliable flow switch allows safe operation
  • Fitted with temperature thermostat and overheating sensor
  • Compact, durable design
  • Touchscreen control with soft-start for power supply protection
  • Titanium flow tube and titanium heating element(s)
  • Can be floor or vertically wall mounted
  • Vortex, long life, stay clean heating element technology
  • 100% efficiency throughout the product life
  • Silent operation


Power Supply Single phase or three phase
Flow Requirements Minimum flow: 3-kW to 6-kW, 1m³/h
Minimum flow: 9-kW to 24-kW, 4m³/h
Maximum flow: 17m³/h
Heating Element Grade 1 titanium
Flow Tube Grade 1 titanium
Control Thermostat Touch Screen 0>45°C (0.5°C differential)
Safety Thermal Cut Out 60°C (manual reset)
Flow Switch Gold tipped reed switch with titanium fulcrum pin
Contactors Dual Siemens 3RT2023 or 3RT2027
Seals High temperature special formula EPDM ferrules, TPE end fitting gaskets
Water Connections 1.5″ BSP female thread supplied with 1½” / 50mm stepped ABS unions for rigid pipe and 1½” / 1¼” stepped hose tails for flexible pipe.
Ingress Protection Rating IP44
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Working Pressure 4 bar maximum
Mounting Floor or wall mounting

Pressure Drop Graph:

Elecro Optima Pressure Drop Graph | Blue Cube Direct


Power Output Load Net Weight Gross Weight Volume
kW Amp kg kg
230V – Single Phase
3kW 13 7.7 8.8 0.059
4.5kW 20 7.7 8.8 0.059
6kW 27 7.7 8.8 0.059
9kW 40 8.1 9.2 0.059
12kW 53 8.1 9.2 0.059
15kW 66 8.6 9.7 0.059
18kW 79 8.6 9.7 0.059
230V/400V – Versatile 3 Phase
6kW 27/9 8.6 9.7 0.059
9kW 40/13 8.6 9.7 0.059
12kW 53/18 8.6 9.7 0.059
400V – 3 Phase
15kW 22 8.6 9.7 0.059
18kW 26 8.6 9.7 0.059
24kW 35 8.6 9.7 0.059


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