Elecro G2 heat exchanger


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Elecro G2 heat exchangers are unrivalled in their heat transfer. They are extremely efficient, easy to install, robust, and durable. Made of a 38 piece Titanium tube bundle that is thermally insulated by a specially designed polyamide-rubber tube, the primary chamber giving a vast surface contact area for the two water circuits. The G2 is perfect for salt chlorinated pools, heat pumps, oil or gas-fired boiler circuits, and solar panels.

Titanium tube bundles make the Elecro heat exchangers ideal for use in salt chlorinated pools. The Elecro G2 heat exchanger is installed in the pool filtration circuit from which water passes through the tube side of the exchanger. Water from the primary heating circuit flows counter-current through the shell side of the exchanger, heating the swimming pool water.


Features Include:

  • Vast, unrivaled heat transfer surface area
  • Rigid Thermal Insulation shell to insulate
  • the primary circuit and enable maximum efficiency
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Titanium tube bundle
  • Straight through the water path
  • BS 316L Stainless Steel shell (EN 1.4432) with special polyamide fittings
  • Low hold up volume
  • It may be floor or wall mounted with the supplied bracket
  • Available with fully equipped Analogue or Digital control (optional)

The standard G2 heat exchanger is supplied complete with:

  • 2 x 1″ male/male Brass primary connections
  • 1 x 1″ Brass Non-return valve
  • 1 x Titanium thermostat pocket
  • 1 x Blanking cap & coin gasket (for non-thermostat side)





Elecro G2 heat exchanger

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