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The Inver X Pool Heat Pump Horizontal by Pollet is an exceptional heat pump, offering an unbeatable c.o.p of up to 15 and no lower than 5, which means even when it is extremely cold outside and your heat pump needs to work hard it is still offering you 5kW of heat for every 1kW of energy used. 

What makes the Inver X stand out from the crowd is its booster mode which adds an extra 20% capacity, this will help to heat your pool quickly at the beginning of each season without costing a fortune. The smart technology incorporated into the InverX means it can between 20-100%capacity depending on the water temperature and what is required. On average you will find this heat pump runs at around 50% capacity. 


InverTurbo Technology (Full Inverter Technology)

  • Built-in Wifi
  • Water flow indicator
  • Boost mode
  • R32 Gas
  • Environmentally friendly 


Inver X Pool Heat Pump Horizontal by Pollet Pool Group.

3 year General Warranty – 10 Years on Heat Exchanger and Compressor

Inver X Horizontal Heat Pump | Blue Cube Pools

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