Inverter+ Heat Pump 1 or 3 phase Energy rating A

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The Inverter + Heat Pump is the first full inverter heat pump and it will reduce your energy costs!!

90% of customers who bought a heat pump chose this product.

This amazing heat pump will pay for itself in very little time due to its amazing A rating energy efficiency. The majority of heat pumps will give you an energy return of 6 kW for every 1kW, however, the Inverter+ will give you 11.5 kW for very 1kW you pay for, which means you can spend more time in your pool and less money.

10 yrs Warranty on Heat Exchanger and Compressor, 3 yrs General Warranty

It uses a full inverter compressor and full inverter fan motor. Due to this amazing technology, it is extremely efficient and intelligent, automatically changing the heating capacity from 25% to 100% depending on the needs of the pool.

It is beautifully quiet due to the Mitsubishi inverter compressor and full inverter ventilation system meaning it will not interrupt your relaxation or disturb your neighbours. The step-less inverter will ensure a gentle start and stop any sudden drains on your supply.


3 years general warranty – 10 years on heat exchanger and compressor


  • 70% higher COP than normal on/off Heat Pumps
  • 50% higher COP than normal Inverter Heat Pumps
  • 10 times quieter
  • Mitsubishi Twin Rotary Inverter Compressor
  • Simple and modern design
  • Aluminium casing for lifetime anti-rusting
  • Soft starter so it will not affect the house current when it is started
  • Perfectly designed for temperatures around -7oC

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Inverter+ Heat Pump 1 or 3 phase Energy rating A

  • 11 kW advised pool volume 25-45 m3
  • 13 kW advised pool volume 30-55 m3
  • 18 kW advised pool volume 40-75 m3
  • 21 kW advised pool volume 50-95m3
  • 28 kW advised pool volume 65-120m3
  • 28T kW advised pool volume 65-120m3
  • 36T kW advised pool volume 90-160m3

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