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This Slidelock Telescopic Reel will incur Additional Carriage Charges for its weight and size and its delivery is NOT INCLUDED. Please call before ordering for more information.

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The Slidelock Telescopic Reel is a durable and easy-to-use swimming pool cover roller system, made of anodised aluminium tubes with polished stainless steel stands and plastic end bosses and steering wheels. This combination of materials has been specifically designed to create a roller system to withstand regular use and a variety of cover weights.

With its unique slide and lock fixing system, it is easy to connect your cover, the locking device holds the tube in a position that prevents the cover from unwinding. The reel system comes in a variety of positional options to give you the perfect pool covering without dominating the space and allowing you to place the system where you want.

Designed to enable you to semi-automate your Slidelock reel system. Optional Power Pack fits inside the reel. The power pack minimises the effort required to cover and uncover your pool. Whatever size the pool, winding a cover off can be hard work. Motorised systems are a great option, but the high cost can be prohibitive. The Reduction Gearbox was created to make these concerns a thing of the past. It is a simple, highly effective 3:1 ratio gearbox that makes light work of winding a cover onto a reel.

The Slidelock telescopic reel system is manufactured in the UK by Plastica and is widely regarded as the best domestic reel available. The Slidelock will give you years of trouble-free operation.

If you require any assistance in choosing the right positioning for the Slidelock Telescopic Reel, please call one of our experts today.


  • Small Slidelock tubes for 3.05m to 4.57m with a 4.3m maximum cover width.
  • Large Slidelock tubes for 4.88m to 6.4m with a 6.1m maximum cover width.
  • Reels should be set up to have a maximum of a 300mm overlap.
  • Cover tube overlap should be kept to a minimum.
  • Flexing may occur with larger covers.
  • Polished stainless steel end stands
  • Anodised aluminium tubes
  • Plastic end bosses and steering wheels
  • Straps connect to tubes by our unique slide and lock fixing
  • The locking device holds the tube in position, stopping the cover from unwinding.
  • Optional Caster pack available
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Motorised options available

Any fixed domestic end stands can have an additional height added for an additional fee. Extensions can be up to a maximum of 500mm. Please get in touch for the cost of an extension.

Note: dimensions on extensions refer to metalwork only.

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Note: Reel systems will incur an additional delivery charge and are excluded from the free delivery


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