Aquatronic Automatic Roller System


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The Aquatronic Automatic Roller System is an easy to use, extremely popular, reliable roller system that will take the hassle out of keeping your pool covered. It can be used in limited spaces with wall or floor mounted options. Your cover will remain square as they are fitted directly to the roller tube and comes with a leading-edge towing system to ensure the cover floats and operates properly. Free 400 micron blue cover. Operated using a trickle charge battery-operated control panel with an easy-read LCD screen which will continue to function even during a power failure. The system has a thermal cut out to protect your motor and prolong its life. It can be operated via a control panel or remote key fob, key switch or push button option also available.

 Cover to roller connections is not included in the package.

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Package Includes:

  • Roller
  • 400 micron standard blue cover (upgrades available)
  • End stands
  • Control panel
  • Remote control
  • Mains trickle feed
  • Aquablade leading-edge towing kit
  • R60 80G 24V motor as standard with a pre-set limit switched to control start/ stop position of cover


Points to consider when ordering an Aquatronic Roller:

  • The motor is pre-installed into the roll-up tube and is supplied with 15 metres of 8mm diameter, 7 core YY control cable which feeds back to the main control panel.
  • The cable can be extended using 10amp electrical connection, the cable length should not be more than 30 metres.
  • The control panel has an adjustable time delay which will allow you to move to the side of the pool to help guide the cover. Key switch and push-button delay up to 30 seconds, the remote fob has a delay of 5 seconds. Something to consider when choosing the location of the control panel.
  • The push-button is pre-wired with 15-metre signal cable. The key switch is a 3 position ‘stay-put’ switch connected to the main control panel via 0.5mm2, 3 core cable (not supplied).
  • If the roller is ordered with a cover it will come secured and with basic calibration, further calibration will be required during installation.
  • If you are limited by the space around your pool, the motor mounting plate can be mounted to a wall and so can the non-motor end.
  • Cover connection piece sold separately.
  • Floating covers will require a towing boom and guidance.


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