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The Del Contura is an above-ground automatic slatted cover that combines leading-edge technology and a design approach that leaves no room for compromise. Available as solar or electric, it adapts perfectly to new build or pool refurbishment projects.

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Del Contura Slatted Pool Cover is available in either electric or solar version. The solar version is quick to install and requires minimal work, the perfect solution for a pool refurbishment. The electric version will need to be wired in but it is still easy to install. The slats and tubes are supported by a bracket that prevents excess motor load. The motor can be removed easily without needing to remove the tube, making maintenance simple. Optional manual winch available in case of power failure.

For pools from 2.50 x 3.00 m up to 10.00 x 15.00 m or 10.00 x 18.00 m (electric version) or up to 6.00 x 13.00 m (solar version).

Aluminium casing tinted metallic grey.
– Excellent resistance to impacts and scratches.
– High resistance to UVs.

Motor available as a 12 Volt electric version or a solar version with two high performance batteries and one or three solar
panels with photovoltaic cells depending on the pool’s dimensions. The motor can be removed and uncoupled mechanically (enables the slats to be unrolled if there is a breakdown and the pool to be secured even if there is no electricity).

The Del Contura slatted pool cover is composed of opaque PVC or polycarbonate solar slats fitted with locking kits. Slats are available in several colors for perfect matching with your environment.

Remotely controlled by Wi-Key (the wireless remote control box) or key switch button. Please see product images

New Pushlock locking kit strap
– This strap is manufactured from PVC-coated fabric which protects against dirt and greening.
– The strap color will match the slat color.


  • Available in Electric or Solar
  • Wi-Key (wireless control)
  • 3-year guarantee on motor and 2 years on roller
  • PVC or Polycarbonate slats in varying colours
  • Composite thermoplastic structure
  • Scratch resistant
  • UV resistant 
  • Adjustable feet in case of curved copings
  • Torque limiter

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