Del RollFit Slatted Pool Cover

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The Del RollFit Slatted Pool Cover is an automatic pool cover which is built into a niche in the pool wall, it provides a perfectly integrated pool cover which completely disappears when the pool is open. Aesthetically offering a clean and simple finish when open or closed. With aluminium or stainless steel tube options, patented decking fixture system and roller rails for easy cover motion, this cover will keep your pool protected from the outside elements, preserve your heat and it looks great.

Suitable for new build pools from 2.5m x 3m up to 6m wide.


  • Wi-Key wireless control
  • 3 year guarantee on motor and 2 years on roller
  • Available with PVC or polycarbonate slats
  • Optional HQ motor 



Del RollFit Slatted Pool Cover

Optional HQ motor :

  • Adjustable opening and closing speed
  • Two automatic stop sensors
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Reinforced cable brake
  • Proven motor with a 5 year guarantee.

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