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These premium wooden pool solar covers are designed to increase water temperature and lower energy bills naturally. The reduction of evaporated water will help lower your water and chemical consumption and the reduction of debris will help prevent algae and bacteria.

It is estimated that outdoor swimming pools absorb up to 85% of direct solar energy from the water’s surface. However, when not in direct sunlight, pools lose energy and warmth in cooler air. A solar pool cover optimizes solar energy absorption and conserves heat by sealing it in the water. It can raise the temperature of a pool as much as 20° Fahrenheit within a week. According to the Energy Star organization, covering a pool when it is not being used is the most effective way to save on heating costs.

Pick up one of these solar covers specifically designed for wooden pools today and start seeing the savings.

Features Include:

  • Budget solar cover for wooden pools.
  • Reduce heating costs and chemical usage.
  • 200-micron thickness
  • 0.22 kg per sq.m weight
  • 1 year pro-rate warranty (UK and Eire only).

Note: these premium wooden pool solar covers may require some trimming on site.

Please contact us before ordering to check if additional carriage charges apply.

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