Pool Heat Retention Supercover per sqm

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Supercover is a tough thermal insulation cover suitable for use on indoor, outdoor, domestic and commercial pools. It is manufactured from three layers bonded together for unrivaled strength and durability.

Constructed from thick polyethylene closed-cell foam, with a woven blue polyethylene top surface which is UV stabilised and wear-resistant. The underside of the cover has a thin embossed layer of clear polyethylene, which has been designed to give good drainage and rolling characteristics as the cover is wound off the pool. The reinforced hemming around the perimeter edge prevents wear against the pool sides and makes for an attractive finish.

Regardless of pool size, Supercover saves on heating costs and reduces chemical usage that would otherwise be lost through evaporation. It is proven that pool owners can save up to 23% on energy bills with a heat retention cover (12m x 25m pool at 2011 prices). Payback periods have been shown to be between 6 months and two years for complete systems. The Supercover is for use up to 29°C water temperature and 35°C ambient air temperature.

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Features Includes:

  • 5mm polyolefine closed-cell foam cover
  • Tough woven top and bottom sheet for heat retention and strength
  • Shaped and hemmed to your specification
  • Weighs 0.42kg per m.sq
  • 29°C maximum temperature
  • 3 year pro-rata guarantee


Supercover per sqm

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Weight 0.42 kg







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