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Swimming pools have changed a lot over the years and Aquadeck slatted safety covers have evolved with this trend and offer a variety of solutions for every pool. Aquadeck offers complete, automatic cover systems for every type of pool. Would you like to install your cover in a niche? Or at the bottom of the pool? Or maybe you prefer an above-ground solution? This cover system can offer you smart solutions that are user-friendly and designed for daily use with absolute reliability.

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The Aquadeck slatted safety pool cover is an extremely popular cover offering a wide range of choices and versatility. This great cover can be retrofitted as an above pool cover with or without a protective cover and it can also be pit mounted. Using innovative high-quality impact-resistant poly-carbonate slats with a longer life of normal PVC slats, the Aquadeck comes with an amazing warranty. Easy to use, simply press a button to open and close, the new super-strong motor means there is no need to make a motor well in the pool, which improves the use and its aesthetic appearance. Bespoke and custom made for your pool, this cover will fit perfectly and look amazing.

Great choices of slat composite and colours allow you to have the finish you want. Solar options are available to aid in energy reduction and improved insulation. They come in 4 solid colours and 4 clear versions. The solid colours are – White, Blue, Cream, and Grey. The clear options are Fully clear, clear with a black solar trap backing, Translucent blue and Translucent blue with a black solar trap backing.

The Aquadeck cover system can be built for any pool in many configurations. Please read the attached brochure on the page for a full insight into the installation options that are offered. We’ll help you find your perfect cover that works for you.

An automatic cover serves multiple purposes: energy savings, water conservation, free heating through the solar function, and increased safety. We aim to achieve all of this with every type of pool, ensuring the cover always functions flawlessly, is easy to operate, and looks stunning. All these aspects are equally important to us. This results in concrete benefits, which we are happy to list for you:

Safety in and around your pool is paramount. Aquadeck incorporates a variety of safety provisions in the slat system. The three-chamber compartment increases the buoyancy of the slats. Additional safety can be provided by a handle directly below the waterline. And you can always open and close an Aquadeck cover both mechanically and electrically.

Our pride and joy doesn’t hide algae growth, but simply avoids it. Thanks to innovative groove technology the water is refreshed and circulated inside the slat, so that the water treatment system breaks down and removes algae. As the cover is opened and closed, water flows through the slat’s connection compartment with a rotating motion through the grooves. The water picks up the dirt and removes it. A smart solution based on self-cleaning ability.

Solar Slats
Aquadeck slatted safety cover offers a range of high-quality solar slats. Solar slats are highly popular. They have a transparent top surface and a heat-resistant black undercoat to make optimal use of solar energy. This reduces energy consumption for pool heating, and solar slats prolong your pool season.

100% Watertight
An Aquadeck® cover is an elegant complement to your swimming pool. Our production department uses an innovative automated sealing method. This minimises the humidity in the slat chambers, reducing condensation when the cover is in use. In addition, our slats are ultrasonically welded and coated with silicone to make them 100% watertight.

Close to being perfect! A closed Aquadeck cover fits perfectly with your pool and looks wonderful. Aquadeck creates an uncluttered and luxurious design. For every pool, there is a matching Aquadeck cover. The slats harmonise perfectly with your overall pool and garden aesthetics and are available in a variety of colours. We also offer a choice of two different materials: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as standard, or polycarbonate (PC) for even higher quality and longer life.


Read more information on the build types and benefits of the Aquadeck slatted cover in the brochure below.

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