Winter Debris Deluxe Covers

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The Winter Debris Cover is tailored specifically for your pool, which allows it to be an excellent barrier against the harsh elements of the winter months. It stops debris such as leaves and twigs whilst allowing the rainwater to permeate which reduces the build-up of dirty water on top of the cover.

Very simple to install and easy to use and comes with a choice of tension fittings and anchor units to allow you greater control. The super deluxe model is reinforced with straps that criss-cross across the entire cover for extra strength and durability.

It is made from a woven green/black or blue/black material which is UV stabilised and very strong. The cover size will be 1ft larger than the pool to ensure leaves and other debris do not blow under.

Features Include:

  • Reduces frost damage
  • Minimises discoloration caused by leaves and other debris
  • Woven polyethylene
  • UV stabilised
  • Green/Black finish
  • Plugs provided for holes when not in use
  • Totally removable in the summer
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Winter Debris Deluxe Covers

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