Immerstar Pool Alarm

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The Immerstar pool alarm is a new piece of pool safety equipment, which can detect the presence of a falling body in your pool. The revolutionary pool alarm system analyses your pool for any fluctuations and movements of water, and understands how to distinguish interference waves (eg. cascade, filtration, rain, wind) from those emitted by the falling of a body. The response time is proportional to the distance between the point of detection and the point of immersion, and the system switches between alert mode and swim mode, automatically, so that you don’t need to worry about doing this yourself. 

Please note that the Immerstar pool alarm system is an effective addition to protect your child or pet against water accidents. Children and pets must still be supervised at ALL TIMES. The installation and use of an alarm system is no substitute for the attention of adults. 


  • Fastens to pool edge
  • Pressure sensor system
  • Not set off by wind
  • LED status indicators
  • Operates with a magnet contact key
  • 100db integrated siren
  • Weight 2.8kg
  • Automatically switches from swim to alert mode
  • Manufactured in Europe


The Immerstar Pool Alarm is a battery powered system which is not designed for use on self-supporting pools.

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Weight 2.8 kg







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