1.7″ Undercover Stainless Steel Ladder


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This Certikin 1.7″ Undercover stainless steel ladder range creates a beautiful seamless finish to any pool using a cover. No need to try and make your cover fit or work around a ladder, simply install the two sections for an easy-to-use ladder with excellent safety features. The double tread top step will keep you safe whilst entering and exiting your pool and prevent any slipping.

These undercover pool ladders are engineered in the highest quality grade AISI 316 stainless steel. This makes them suitable for use in both freshwater and salt chlorinator pools. Certikin ladders are now supplied with stainless steel anti-slip treads as standard, as well as the new Certikin 1.7”/43mm pinch anchor. The pinch anchor design is based on the popular 1.5”/38mm model for a secure, sturdy installation on all types of pool surround. This means that this Undercover stainless steel ladder offers ultimate safety and maximum comfort.

Certikin undercover ladders are constructed using 43mm (1.7”) diameter stainless steel tube, with stainless steel treads and escutcheons that are coated in a protective scratch-resistant film that is to be removed after installation. This high specification has enabled a superior quality range of ladders, ruggedly constructed to withstand the rigours of both commercial and domestic use.

All 1.7” undercover stainless steel ladders comply with Domestic Pool Standard EN 16582 -1:2015. A top double tread is fitted as standard on these ladders. All tread positions can be changed for double treads on the ladder. Please contact us for a quoted price on this option.


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