Grecian Triple Tier Fountain

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The Floating Grecian Triple Tier Pool Fountain will add a beautiful ambience to your swimming pool and backyard. Enjoy the sound of the cascading water from the Grecian Fountain. With its triple tier design, the look is three times as inviting as it creates multiple heights of water spraying.

The Grecian Fountain base is a clean looking white color. Installation is quick and easy and there are no tools required except for a pair of pliers.  The Grecian Fountain uses the water flow from your existing pump. The spray height is adjustable from 7 to 16 feet, and installation normally takes less than 5 minutes.

Make the most of the Grecian Blossom Triple Tier Pool Fountain by using it at pool parties and backyard bar-b-ques. Your guests will love it. It comes complete with a fountain head, fountain base, flexible plumbing kit, and anchor. The anchor allows you to position the fountain wherever you like in your swimming pool.

For an even greater effect, put 2 Floating Grecian Triple Tier Pool Fountains in your pool, one at each end!

If your pump is not very strong, you may not get as high of a spray as desired. We do not recommend this pool fountain be used with soft-sided swimming pools.


Grecian Triple Tier Fountain

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