Proflex Extreme Onsite Liner

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Proflex Extreme Onsite Pool Liner is a global award-winning pool liner which has been designed by Haogenplasts. These pool liners are extremely durable and made to withstand the environmental factors associated with a pool such as chemicals, uv and microorganisms. 


  • Resistant to microbial growth – the liners inhibit the growth of microorganisms which are the cause of mould, mildew and algae. 
  • UV Stability and Colour fastness – the liner material undergoes extreme conditions such as extreme temperature / humidity / UV accelerated ageing and have shown to last 2.5 times longer than competitors liners tested in the same conditions.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance – these liners have a high resistance to abrasion which means they last longer, remain smoother for longer and their design remains unmarked.
  • Resistant to super chlorination – High levels of any chemical will impact almost any material, all liners are designed to withstand a level of chemical exposure including weekly shocks, however, Proflex liners maintain their colours and strength far longer than their competitors.
  • Superior lacquering – Designed to be used in commercial environments with high levels of usage, chemicals and cleaning, due to this design, these liners make an excellent choice for higher-end domestic pools whose owners wish to protect their investment. 


The extreme onsite lining is often preferred over bag liners, to find out more about the difference read our comparison blog here.

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