Certikin Deep Bed Filters




The Certikin deep bed filters are great for any high-use pool or users wanting to take their swimming pool filtration to the next level.

A deeper sand bed means more contact time between the filter media and pool water providing enhanced in-depth filtration and increased dirt capacity, resulting in a better standard of filtration.

This domestic swimming pool filter comes with a multiport valve that is mounted on the side of this filter for ease of use. These deep bed sand filters come in 3 models of varying sizes to best match your pool size.

Filter Media Advice:

  • A graded bed of gravel 3.5mm and filter sand 0.35 – 0.5mm is recommended for the Certikin deep bed filters media use.
  • Using a graded bed is an established practice to assist the filtration and backwashing cycle.
  • Sand is still the most widely used medium for effective filtration in swimming pool treatment.
  • Please contact a member of our team for more information.


Certikin Deep Bed Filters | Blue Cube Direct

Technical Information:

Model Diameter Connections Filtration Area Flow Rate Media Max Working Pressure
9000 500mm 1.5″ 0.19m² 9.5m³/h 195kg 2.5kg/cm²
14000 600mm 1.5″ 0.30m² 15m³/h 280kg 2.5kg/cm²
21000 750mm 2″ 0.44m² 22m³/h 518kg 2.5kg/cm²

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