Lacron Sureflow LSR Side Mount Filters


Additional Carriage Charges

These Lacron Sureflow Side Mount Filters will carry Additional Carriage Charges if ordered with sand. Please call so when ordering for more information.


The Lacron Sureflow LSR Side Mount Filters are ideal for permanent in-ground residential swimming pools. The Sureflow is the largest selling and most popular residential swimming pool sand filter sold and installed in Britain for more than 30 years. The side-mounted multi-port valve configuration together with the large clear lid access (230mm diameter) allows servicing of the interior without the need to disturb the connecting pipe-work. The clear lid provides an excellent visual display of the water passing through, particularly useful when back-washing the filter.

Please note the 36″ & 42″ Lacron Filters feature a small, oval, clamp-type lid (not the standard threaded lip)

Features Include:

  • 30 years proven track record
  • Pressure tested to 2.5 Bar (36 psi)
  • Manufactured from the highest-grade materials
  • Hi-gloss non-corrosive FRP tank and base components
  • 9″, clear view, easy access service lid
  • Energy efficient collection and distribution pipe-work
  • Speed style installation and service connections
  • Easy access winter drain tap


Lacron Water Filter | Blue Cube Direct


These Lacron Sureflow LSR Side Mount Filters are all available for delivery with Sand as a filter media. If you choose to purchase the option with the filter media included we will provide the recommended amount of sand for the filter media, detailed below.

  • 18″ Tank – 75kg Sand
  • 20″ Tank – 100kg Sand
  • 24″ Tank – 125kg Sand
  • 30″ Tank – 200kg Sand
  • 36″ Tank – 400kg Sand
  • 42″ Tank – 550kg Sand

The Lacron Sureflow filters are also available in a Top Mount Filter Tank here.

Technical Information: 

Connections Multiport
Lid Type
18″ Tank 1.5″ 8.5 Threaded
20″ Tank 1.5″ 10 Threaded
24″ Tank 1.5″ 14.5 Threaded
30″ Tank 2.0″ 22.5 Threaded
36″ Tank 2.0″ 31 Oval Clamp
36″ Tank 3.0″ 43 Oval Clamp


5 years of full warranty, followed by 5 years pro-rata warranty


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