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The Multicyclone Plus prefilter has all the benefits of the ever-popular Multicyclone with the addition of a 40ft2 cartridge filter located in the upper housing.

Incoming water enters the hydrocyclones tangentially, generating a strong centrifugal effect. The sediment particles are then spun out to the hydro cyclone’s wall, and spiral down into the sediment chamber. The filtered water then migrates towards the centre of the hydro cyclone where the water reverses and spirals upwards and through a 40ft2 cartridge element, before exiting through the Multicyclone Plus.

The addition of the cartridge element provides the highest standard of filtration possible with very little need for cleaning. The majority of the sediment is removed by the hydroclones. The sediment level can be visually monitored through the multicyclones clear sediment bowl.

The pressure gauge located at the top of the unit indicates when the cartridge requires cleaning. The cartridge can easily be removed by undoing the locking ring.


  • Compact and easy to install
  • Small equipment footprint
  • 40ft² pleated filter cartridge
  • Glass filled thermoplastic
  • Hydraulically efficient design
  • 12/16 hydroclones
  • Can be used on new pools or retrofitted to existing pools
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Can run at a lower power making it more energy-efficient
  • Comes with high-quality oil-filled pressure gauge


MultiCyclone Plus Prefilter | Blue Cube Direct

Technical Information:

Model Hydrocyclones Connection
Filter Area Maximum
Pool Size
MultiCyclone 12 Plus 12 40mm / 1.5″ 40lpm 152lpm 3.7m² / 40 sqft 73,000l 350 kPa (50psi)
MultiCyclone 16 Plus 16 50mm / 2” 50lpm 152lpm 3.7m² / 40 sqft 73,000l 350 kPa (50psi)


Maximum flow is limited by the surface area of the filter cartridge. Domestic Cartridge Design Filtration Rate: 41 lpm/m2 (1gpm/ft2)

Stand Options:

The MultiCyclone has two purpose-designed support stands to suit all MultiCyclone models and most installations. The standard MKII version base is made for the prefilter to sit on top vertically. The Over Pump stand is designed to sit over the top of a pool filter pump and secure the prefilter onto the top of the chosen pump. Please see the attached brochure in the downloads, to see more information regarding the stand options.

MultiCyclone Prefilter Stand | Blue Cube Direct

MultiCyclone Stand MKII, is a great option if the height of the installation is prohibitive.


MultiCyclone is covered by a 2 year warranty on a domestic pool. Commercial installations are covered by a 1 year warranty. This warranty is parts-only and does not include callout.


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