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The Certikin BP 3000 has a bronze impeller with stainless steel and a mechanically sealed shaft. It also has an integral strainer ( with a quick-release strainer lid) and box with basket. 3000 rpm or 1500 rpm (optional) motors 50 Hz and a 60 Hz option available. This is also self-priming and IP55 protection rating with a cast iron body.

The BP Commercial Pump has been designed with efficiency in mind, these unique centrifugal swimming pool pumps offer quality, performance, and reliability. All models in this range have been designed and developed primarily for the swimming pool industry.

Features Include:

  • Designed to circulate large quantities of low-pressure water
  • High-quality corrosion-resistant components
  • Cast iron body
  • Cast iron impellor
  • IP55 protection rated 
  • Integral strainer box 
  • Self-priming 
  • Stainless steel strainer basket and shaft
  • Mechanically sealed shaft 
  • 3000 and 1500 rpm motors are available
  • A bronze impellor is available on request
  • IE2 rated motor

Certikin BP 3000 – Technical Breakdown:

BP 3 BP 4 BP 5.5 BP 7.5 BP 10 BP 12.5
Horsepower 3.00 hp 4.00 hp 5.50 hp 7.50 hp 10.00 hp 12.50 hp
Power Output 2.20kW 2.95kW 4.00kW 5.50kW 7.5kW 9.30kW
Flow rate @ 10m 46.00m3/hr 60.00m3/hr 75.00m3/hr 120.00m3/hr 140.00m3/hr 158.00m3/hr
DN1 Flange 80(90mm) 100 (110mm) 125 (140mm) 125 (140mm) 125 (140mm) 125 (140mm)
Holes 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter
DN2 Flange 50(63mm) 100 (110mm) 100 (110mm) 100 (110mm) 100 (110mm) 100 (110mm)
Holes 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter 8×18 diameter
A 383mm 420mm 420mm 470mm 470mm 470mm
B 62mm 104mm 108mm 176mm 176mm 176mm
C 84mm 84mm 112mm 140mm 140mm 178mm
D 144mm 144mm 176mm 216mm 216mm 216mm
G 320mm 320mm 358mm 358mm 358m 358mm
H1 120mm 128mm 132mm 132mm 132mm 132mm
H1 130mm 190mm 190m 190mm 190mm 190mm
Total Length (L) 735mm 807mm 877mm 930mm 968mm 968mm

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