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The Optima Smart pool pump has all the great features of the Saci Optima but in addition, it is equipped with an outstanding Smart Control Panel. The control panel is armed with a timer function for filtration control, lights and input and output signals to control your heat pump, temperature probe and your salt chlorinator system, making this the perfect replacement for traditional control panels. It will keep your system safe with its anti-freezing control system, alert you to any problems and is easy to use. This pump is at the forefront of modern pumps and will keep your system running smoothly so you can spend more time enjoying your pool


  • Timer function for your filtration and pool lights
  • Ampere control for over-consumption
  • Anti-freezing control system
  • Alarm for fault monitoring
  • Anti entrapment system for suction
  • Monitors partial and total working hours
  • Programmable input for heat pump
  • Notifications for filter and basket cleaning
  • Easy to program


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