PPG Pump Deluxe Eco VS

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  • Minimalistic timeless design
  • Revolutionary design for optimising waterflow
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • 100% quality control – Made in Germany


The PPG Pump Deluxe Eco VS is a Pollet Pool Group pump developed by Speck. It was developed to overcome 2 of the most common challenges with swimming pool pumps. These were the hydraulic efficiency to optimising the electrical consumption and the most silent operation sound.

The PPG Deluxe VS also has an improved wet-end with ease of installation from the inlet and outlet of this pool pump being in line.

The new impeller and diffuser leads to a 5% better efficiency and the flow rates increases by 17% when compared with the previous PPG pump deluxe eco VS.

Product Information:

  • The new impeller and diffuser provide better efficiency and increased flow rate.
  • Very quiet self-priming pump with a frequencyregulated permanent magnet motor, pre-filter 3 litres.
  • Motor exceeds the current highest energy efficiency class IE3, ahead of class IE4.
  • Suction time (OFF,1-10min) and suction speed (1000- 3000rpm) adjustable.
  • Can be placed at a maximum of 3 meters above or 3 meters below water level.
  • Equipped with 5-wire cable for external control of speed and stop function via potential-free contacts.
  • To be used in swimming pools with salt electrolysis systems with a salt concentration of 0.5% (5 grams/ litre).
  • LED light in lid.

Technical Information:

Weight 14 kg
Variable Speed Yes
Performance at 3000 RPM
Capacity 30 m³/h (at 8 mwc)
Power Input 1.4 kW
Power Output 1.2 kW
Motor Power 1.6 hp
Max Current 6.1 A
Inlet/Outlet 63/63 mm F
Total Length 585mm


3 Years Warranty

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