Fluvo X-Jet Power Counter Current


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The Fluvo X-Jet is a high-end counter current unit with a slim and modern appearance. The wide output area creates a uniform current around your whole body similar to a wave in the ocean. Easily controlled with touch-sensitive buttons to allow you to control the flow by switching 1 or 2 pumps on. Due to its slim design, the X-jet is perfect for smaller pools. The system includes two certified secure 40 suction niches according to DIN13451 which guarantees maximum safety in your pool.

Single phase: 70m3

Three phase: 80m3


Please contact one of our advisers before purchasing a Fluvo X-Jet to ensure you have all the correct components.

Listed below are the parts required minus the pipework for a concrete liner pool installation:

  • 1 x X-Jet Installation kit for concrete or liner pools.
  • 2 x X-Jet secur 40 suction installation kit for concrete or liner pools. (We sell them in two’s)
  • 1 x X-Jet Adapter kit for concrete liner pools.
  • 2 x Secur 40 suction Adapter kit for concrete liner pools. (We sell them in two’s)
  • 1 x Complete motor kit for X- Jet Fluvo.


Fluvo X-Jet Power Counter Current.


The complete motor kits includes:


  • 2 x 2.2kw, 2900rpm single phases motors.
  • 2 x control boxes with converter and pipework manifold for x-jet and secure 40 suctions.


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