Fluvo Xanas Counter Current System


Fluvo Xanas Counter Current System is an award-winning unit that offers an unbeatable swimming experience. With variable speeds and pressure, you can create the perfect streamflow for your swimming level and needs. Not only does the Xanas offer outstanding functionality it is also visually appealing with its extra flat design and integrated suction through a drop-shaped grill for maximum flow. Maximum flow rates between 42m3/h and 72m3/h, whether you want to do a gentle breaststroke or a vigorous freestyle the Xanas is the counter current is for you. 1 phase and 3 phase available.

Options include:

  • pressure-sensitive switches
  • rotary knobs
  • single or three-phase
  • Suitable for concrete / liner / one-piece pools
  • 3 finishes: ABS White / Anthracite / Polished stainless steel


  • Multiple design options
  • User-friendly operations
  • Movable nozzle
  • Effective air mixing
  • High-efficiency IE3 motor
  • Salt water-resistant (not salt electrolysis systems)
  • Conforms with international safety standards


Fluvo Xanas Counter Current System

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