Harvia Radiant 1 Person Infrared Sauna

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This price is for the supply only of these Harvia Radiant infrared saunas. The Blue Cube team can offer installation on this product. Please contact us for a quote including installation.

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Harvia Radiant 1 person infrared home saunas bring luxury and great health benefits to the comfort of your own home. Creating a space where you can sit and take 30 minutes to unwind and forget the outside world. Enjoy your favourite music with the built-in speakers and immerse yourself in comfort and relaxation. On dark cold days, this sauna will warm you using direct heat radiator elements which feel similar to the suns heat.

Ready to use in just 10 minutes, it is a great way to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

The infrared cabins are made of hemlock wood and the outer surface is dark walnut veneer. The infrared cabins have a sleek modern design with large glass panels for a sense of space. The large heating elements have been placed so that the long-wave heat affects all parts of your body. Because the cabin may cause intense sweating, the benches and floor should be protected e.g. with a towel. The benches are removable for cleaning. Please consult your doctor if pregnant or ill before using infrared.

Why wait? This infrared sauna makes for the perfect home spa to fill a bedroom or spa room in your home. You’ll be enjoying a personal sauna heatwave with no mess, water vapor or steam.


  • Room for one or two persons (depending on model)
  • Infrared panels are temperature-ready at a moment’s notice
  • Targeted infrared radiation from nearly all directions
  • Mild, dry heat for relaxing muscle tension
  • Cozy and quiet space, suitable for relaxation and meditation
  • Built-in speakers. Support for Bluetooth, FM, and USB
  • LED lighting and multiple color options

Why invest in infrared?

  • It stimulates blood flow which will help relax muscles and clear out toxins.
  • Burns calories
  • Relieves stress
  • Deep sense of warmth and comfort
  • Helps with pain relief

For more information on Infrared click here 

Technical Data:

Unit 1 Person Sauna
Product height mm 1910
Product width mm 900
Product depth mm 900
Net weight kg 93
Model Number SGC0909BR
Package Dimensions mm 610 x 970 x 1920
Gross Weight kg 105

Quick Use Instructions:

  • Protect the benches and floor of the infrared cabin with a towel. The infrared cabin causes increased sweating, the benches and floor will need protection from the moisture being exuded from the user.
  • Keep the air inlets open during use. Efficient airflow ensures that the heat elements stay on constantly, creating more good heat.
  • The infrared heat works best on bare skin. Wearing a towel, for example, partially prevents the good heat from being transferred to your skin, muscles & body.
  • Drink plenty of water. The dry heat of the Harvia Radiant infrared sauna will evaporate liquids from the body, drink plenty to ensure you don’t get dehydrated.
  • A suitable duration per use is approximately 30 minutes at a time.
  • Relax! Whether it’s listening to music or bringing a book to read remember to enjoy your me time.



2 Year Warranty

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